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Hiking Safety 101 – Hiking Essentials

Due to COVID-19, many people who aren’t regular hikers have been seeking the local trails as a way to exercise outdoors. Though it’s great to see the popularity of the outdoors increase, it’s not as great to see a decrease… Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Make Your Holiday Travel More Eco-Friendly

As we get closer to the holiday season, many of the events we will attend require us to travel – either for the day or longer – to see friends and family. While we incorporate sustainability in our daily lives,… Continue Reading →

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all the pressures of holiday shopping coming up, the question of which gifts to buy is at the forefront of the mind. So while you’re thinking of gifting, why not give meaningful eco-friendly gifts!… Continue Reading →

Let’s Keep Our Earth Happy

Though climate change has been a popular topic for some time now, many still don’t know the extent to which climate change is threatening our environment. From last year’s data, it is said that more than 2.4 million pounds of… Continue Reading →

Staycation – 8 Tips to Make Any Day Feel Like a Vacation

Staycation: (n) a vacation at home -when you can’t travel It’s that time of year again: the days are long, warm (sometimes too warm), and just begging for a vacation. Plus, if you’re like me, your feed is full of… Continue Reading →

New Balance

I am now officially partnering with New Balance! YAS. I’m so stoked to announce that I will be able to give you all the insider promo codes and deals to all things New Balance. I’m going to show the discounts… Continue Reading →

13 Honest Reasons Why I Hike

As someone who hikes more than the average, I often get asked why I love it so much. Usually, I’ll say something along the lines of, “I love being in nature, and hiking is basically a lifestyle for me”. And… Continue Reading →

Eco-Friendly Activewear: A Sustainable Fashion Guide

To take care of our planet doesn’t need to be hard- it can be as simple as shopping! An easy way to help is by shifting your fashion focus to support brands that practice sustainable fashion. Below are brands that… Continue Reading →

“Jesus Date”- how to hang with Jesus

The Absurd Reality of the Thing we Christians Call a Jesus Date To Sabbath means to stop and rest in God. So Sabbath is a pretty big and fancy Christian term but I like to call my Sabbath days: “Jesus… Continue Reading →

Happy Earth Ambassador

Exciting news! I am now a brand ambassador for Happy Earth Apparel! I’m thrilled to be representing a brand that cares for the Earth and outdoor lifestyle! What: Happy Earth Apparel is a clothing company dedicated to raising awareness about… Continue Reading →

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