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Piedra Blanca Hike

The Piedra Blancas are beautiful white boulders set amidst Ojai’s picturesque mountains. The easy trail is located in Rose Valley, which is a right turn off of Highway 33, coming from downtown Ojai. The drive itself is captivating, and the mountain… Continue Reading →

Solstice Canyon

Solstice Canyon is located in the mountains of Malibu. This is an easy hike that offers many sights and hidden gems. It features two ruins of old houses. The first house you’ll reach on the trail is the Keller House… Continue Reading →

Potato Chip Rock Hike (Mount Woodson Trail)

The Potato Chip Rock hike is iconic in San Diego. This hike is well known for its namesake- the Potato Chip Rock. This landmark has been photographed too many times to count. In fact, it is expected that you will… Continue Reading →

Stonewall Peak

As my senior year is just starting up, I have a bit more time to explore new locations within San Diego. I have seen many pictures of Stonewall Peak and always wanted to go. But usually, the hour-long drive from UCSD… Continue Reading →

Olivine Pools

When I visited Maui during the summer of 2015 with my mom, we loved these Olivine Pools so much that we visited the area twice. It’s a beautiful natural lava pool protected from the raging ocean waves just outside. It’s gorgeous. The… Continue Reading →

Snow Valley State Park

Though less popular than Zion National Park, this state park in Utah offers beautiful red rock landscapes and a surprising amount of hikes. While there, my mom and I did two short hikes. Jenny’s Canyon was a half mile round trip… Continue Reading →

Horseshoe Bend

I first saw this place through World of Wonderlust’s Instagram page, which is run by a famous travel blogger named Brooke Saward. Once I knew that this place existed, I kept seeing it through other well know travelers that I… Continue Reading →

Emerald Pools

My second trip to Zion National Park! It reminds me of Yosemite in the sense that what draws people here are the massive rock structures. But it’s also very different from Yosemite. It has beautiful red sandstone rocks, and the… Continue Reading →

Angels Landing

My first trip to this beautiful national park. One of the most popular trails here is Angels landing. It’s known for its steep cliff drops section and the amazing view from the top. To get to this trail you get… Continue Reading →

Bryce Canyon, Navajo loop

This little trail lets you walk along the canyon floor and pass through the hoodoos. It starts at Sunset point and is a 1.3 mile round trip loop (but it can also connect you to others trails if you want… Continue Reading →

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