As we get closer to the holiday season, many of the events we will attend require us to travel – either for the day or longer – to see friends and family. While we incorporate sustainability in our daily lives, let’s not forget to do so on our travel days. Here are some simple tips to make sure your eco-friendly focus isn’t put on pause this break.

1. Bring a reusable water bottle AND a travel mug wherever you go

Most of us know that you can avoid buying plastic water bottles as you travel, by filling up your reusable water bottle wherever you go. But did you know that most coffee shops actually encourage the use of a travel mug by giving a small discount, usually 10-20 cents off a drink?

This is especially great if you typically stop by a coffee chain at the start of a road trip. Might as well bring along your coffee tumbler and get a discounted drink (it doesn’t need to be a chain-specific tumbler, it can be any reusable mug – even a mason jar works!). Plus, fill up your water bottle for free at the same time just by asking the barista.

2. Bring your own to-go container

If you’re traveling to visit family and you know your mom is famous for loading you up with left-overs to take back home, plan ahead and bring your own to-go containers to use. This way, you don’t need to use plastic wrap and Ziplock bags. Bringing your own storage containers also avoids the need to remember which Tupperware belongs to whom.

3. Pack light

Pack outfits that can be worn to multiple events. Going for a light walk or hike with the family to kick-off festivities? Take those leggings from stroll to brunch by switching out the gym shoes for boots and layering with a jacket. This will not only reduce how many loads of laundry you need to do but can also reduce carbon emissions if you’re flying and can reduce your luggage to only a carry-on. Check out these eco-friendly leggings from Boody by clicking here. Boody’s activewear line has become one of my new favorites! The material feels like a second-skin since the bamboo-viscose material is silky-smooth.

4. Act as you would at home

By this I mean, if at home you’d use the same towel more than once, then do so at a guest house/hotel. Another example is if you don’t typically wash your hair every day, bring along a shower cap to reduce your time showering when you skip a day of washing the hair. This is also better for your scalp health and will help with the step above since you can leave some toiletries at home.

5. Shop local

If the shopping bug bites while you’re away, try and shop local! Visit the local farmers market and support small businesses when shopping for a meaningful gift. Items that are flown or shipped have a much larger carbon footprint. Also, just like at home when you use a reusable bag at the store, bring some with you! This is easy to forget, but you’ll realize pretty quickly its worth it to have an extra bag laying around, even if you aren’t taking a trip to the store.

Enjoy your holiday!

Of course, go easy on yourself this holiday season and have fun! Don’t create too much pressure to do everything perfectly sustainable. Hopefully this guide made it a little easier! Happy Holidays!

This post was written in collaboration with Boody Wear, but all opinions are my own.

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