Staycation: (n) a vacation at home -when you can’t travel

It’s that time of year again: the days are long, warm (sometimes too warm), and just begging for a vacation. Plus, if you’re like me, your feed is full of friend’s travel pictures. This friend is in Europe, that one’s enjoying Hawaii, and the other is on an epic road trip.

So adventure is calling. Loudly. Yet, you can’t go anywhere. For me, the reason is a full-time job; my first one actually. I graduated college a year ago and am fully doing this adult-thing, which means no summer break. It’s that meme that goes:

Friend: “So what are your summer plans?”

Me: Checks schedule. “WORK: 9am-5pm. Everyday.”

I’m not complaining though, I’ll get that vacation … just a bit later in the year. In the meantime, I’m committed to making every day-off feel like a vacation: my own Staycation. So the following is my list for creating the best possible Staycation.


1. Slow down

First things first: mindset check. You know how some days you’re running from one thing to the next, checking off those to-do list items left and right until you’re spinning? That is not what a staycation is about, my friends. Instead, practice going slow without feeling guilty about it. For example, take your time driving here and there. Put the road rage aside, and channel that curiosity you get while driving somewhere new. Try to notice things you haven’t before. Practice this for all the tips below and you’ll have that staycation mindset in no time.


2. Go to the local farmers market

I’m finding that for me, simply going to the local farmers market makes me feel like I’m exploring again. It’s like on trips to Hawaii, I love visiting little farmers market stands and buying delicious fresh fruit. It can be the same thing here at home. Wander through the stands, talk to new people, and I’m sure you’ll find little hidden gems right in your own backyard.


3. Be a tourist in your own town

Go somewhere new. Somewhere you’ve been wanting to try, or somewhere you didn’t even know existed. Pinterest is a great tool for this. Sometimes just searching my town name in Pinterest will show me what actual tourists do – that I’ve never even thought about. For example, I saw that a popular activity near me was stand-up-paddle-boarding. The location was literally a ten-minute drive from my front door so I tried it and it turned the day into its own escape. On this note…


4. Take a local class

You know how when you go on vacation, it seems like there are so many fun activities you’ll never get to do them all? We get so excited about these in a new location, but why not do them right where you’re at? For instance, I started taking a local “Yoga by the Sea” class. Since it’s right on the beach, it brings me back to Hawaii every time. Sometimes you just need to be reminded of all the fun you can have right at home.


5. Book a hotel nearby

Look into booking a hotel in a neighboring city. Even if you can’t jet out of town, a quick 30-minute drive away could do the trick for that Staycation. For me, this means going to Malibu or Santa Barbara and spending a day exploring there. With the convenience of a hotel room to return to, it’s fun to spend the day adventuring around a local city. If your budget can afford it, I love this option for a staycation because it really helps you tap into and satisfy that adventurous spirit – close to home. Who knows, you may find a new favorite spot to return to.


6. Play a vacation soundtrack

I’m such a music-person; I can’t drive without music blasting in my car. So trust me when I tell you that music can transform- or in this case: transport you elsewhere. Even if it just boosts your mood, there’s something so great about playing the music that you would be listening to if you were there.


7. Read that “vacation” book

You know that book you bought because it’d be perfect for the plane/train/bus? Why not break it out now! Make some time to simply read. Take it outside or on the beach if that’s nearby. And if you finished the last book during your past travels, there’s a whole bookstore out there filled with perfects books for your staycation too.


8. Plan your next vacation

When the travel bug is biting badly, I’ve learned it’s best to give in a little. Now, this doesn’t work for everyone but for me, it helps to start planning the next trip. Go to the bookstore and flip through some travel books. Search the internet to find the best activities, restaurants, and places to stay. Start your travel research now, so that when it comes time to put things into action, you’re ready.

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Hope you enjoyed! Let me know your thoughts below. What are your favorite things to do during a Staycation? Thanks for reading!