I am now officially partnering with New Balance! YAS. I’m so stoked to announce that I will be able to give you all the insider promo codes and deals to all things New Balance. I’m going to show the discounts first and then explain more about the partnership below!

Here are the most current deals on New Balance:

Current Offers:

20% Off Sitewide Plus Free Shipping With Code REMEMBER at newbalance.com! Offer Valid Through 5/27. Some Exclusions May Apply.

$10 Off $125, $30 Off $200 or $60 Off $300 With Code STOCKUP at newbalance.com! Offer Valid Through 5/30. Some Exclusions May Apply.

Upcoming Offers:

25% Off Lifestyle at newbalance.com! Offer Valid 5/28-5/31. Some Exclusions May Apply.

40% Off Apparel With Code LOUNGE at newbalance.com! Offer Valid 5/28-5/31.

These are all the current discounts with their promo codes! I’ll be updating the deals as soon as I get them, so be sure to check back here. Also, you’ll see the red NB logo on the right side of my site (or below the comments if you’re on your phone) now and you can click that image to take you directly to the New Balance website (cough*please click*cough)!

So why am I partnering with New Balance?

First, my official title with NB is brand affiliate, which means that I get to promote their products and share discounts here on my blog! Please click the links provided here so they know I’m a good partner (I do earn a small commission this way)!

Second, I’m already a brand ambassador for Happy Earth Apparel. With that partnership I’ve learned that I value having the same vision as a company. HEA is a great company because they’re actively supporting the environment by giving 50% of every purchase back to conservation. So amazing.

Finally, with New Balance, I was looking for an activewear company that’s environmentally conscious, because that’s a big part of my vision too. The goal of this blog is to give people resources to get outside and fall in love with the world. But we’ve got to take care of it first! It’s important to me that I’m partnering with companies that also love and actively care for the world. New Balance is a perfect fit because they’re a sustainable activewear company.

What that means is that NB strives for environmental responsibility by restricting the use of limited resources and aiming to achieve zero waste for all their products. This has such a positive impact on the environment! It means that excessive pollutants aren’t being produced. If you want to read more about their pact to responsible leadership you can read more here.

By partnering with New Balance I am supporting a company that is creating a positive impact on the environment. I hope that you too will support this stylish and environmentally friendly company. Any purchase you make from NB is an easy way to create your own positive impact on the world!