As someone who hikes more than the average, I often get asked why I love it so much. Usually, I’ll say something along the lines of, “I love being in nature, and hiking is basically a lifestyle for me”. And while this answer is totally true, it’s still quite surface level and cliché. So I made this list to get deeper into my heart and soul.


13 Honest Reasons Why I Hike:

  1. To recharge my happiness-batteries after a draining week (or even a draining day)
  2. To remind myself that my body is stronger than I often give it credit
  3. To slow down the endless cycle of thoughts playing in my mind, and just be in the present moment
  4. To get a solid workout without torturing myself (aka no forcing a HIIT routine)
  5. To spend quality time with friends in an environment that discourages pulling out our distracting technology
  6. To be honest with myself and others, since conversations have a way of traveling to deeper topics when outside
  7. To spend alone time with God, because being in nature reminds me that God is near
  8. To reconnect with my youth, as hiking was a hobby instilled in me as a child
  9. To remind myself that the world is a big place and I’m not the center of it (thank goodness)
  10. To see how much detail and care God put into creating the world, and realize that I too am wonderfully made
  11. To feel the burn of leg muscles that remind me I’m alive and healthy, and to be grateful for that simple fact
  12. To make memories (even if they’re of getting lost) on the journey to the top
  13. To absorb the view at the peak, that somehow becomes less of a viewpoint and more of an accomplishment along the way


This post was inspired by Annie Jensen, an avid hiker whom my friend Angelina pointed out to me (p.s. thank you Angelina!). Check out her list on Instagram (@anniegirl). I also want to encourage you to write your own list as it can be a fun and reflective activity.

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