Back with another #ihavethisthingwithwalls post! This one is all about the street art around Ventura, California. There’s a surprisingly good amount of it in town! Each time I’m out I see more, which means that this list is actually pretty long. I’m sure that I’ve missed some, but here are all the ones I’ve seen so far:

Ventura Street Art:

  • Location: Random Designer Outlet. Two blocks East of Prospect Coffee Roasters across from Circle K. This skater wall art is easy to access since it’s the side of a business. The bright orange and yellow tones are painted with building and palm tree silhouettes.


  • Location: Figueroa Street Mall. Across the street from the Ventura Mission is this beautiful sitting area with a blue tile bench. The background features a cultural and historic scene. In this same area, but closer to the mission is this Ghiradelli mural and Mule Team Package mural too.


  • Location: Seaward Ave and Pierpont Blvd. On the side of this hotel is a large scale mural of a beach scene. The car is parked on the beach toward a sunset. Bonus: around the corner is a small painting of a whale.


  • Location: Still on Seaward Ave but closer to the beach (across from Kay’s coffee shop). This is a watercolor-like painting of a pink sunset over the ocean complete with palm trees. It’s like the Ventura beach version of the LA pink wall.


  • Location: On the side of Pizza Man Dan’s. This golden-toned mural looks like something out of the Greek times. There are three panels each with their own figures and the words “sun, earth, water” at the bottom.


  • Location: the intersection of W Main St and S Garden St. There are many mini-murals here but I was drawn to this one of the dancers to see if I could pull off this move, which is a no. I tried, lol. There’s a large dirt lot here that you can park in while visiting.


  • Location: Bell Arts Factory. This spot was a cool surprise because the entire building is painted. The muted green background is painted with a beautiful floral and cacti design. Even the back side of this mural has a cute butterfly design.


  • Location: the intersection of Prospect and Wall St (behind the above building). It’s painted on a fence that looks as though it’s part of someone’s house, but it seems this art was a community effort. I’m guessing this because the art also features the word “community”.


  • Location: Johnny’s Mexican Food on N Ventura Ave. This mural is painted to look like the scenery of a green countryside I’d like to visit. The other side of the building features a false door with plant and guitar.


  • Location: Boys and Girls Club Thrift store. A block north of the above is this mural that highlights recycling. It looks almost cartoon like with animals that are reusing and recycling. The whole wall is covered, but some patches are much more vibrant than others.


  • Location: the intersection of W Mission Ave and N Ventura Ave. This one is a work in progress of flower and bee scenery. Lisa Kelly is pictured here working on it. It’ll be exciting to see the finished product.


  • Location: the intersection of W Harrison Ave and N Ventura Ave. This wall is also painted by Lisa Kelly. It’s a beautiful blue-based mural complete with hummingbirds and florals.


  • Location: directly across the street from the above mural. It’s a vibrant mural containing people holding the sun and the moon and more.


If you like this post check out my Ojai Murals post and also my Oxnard Wall Art post for more street art! Comment below if you’ve visited any of these or plan to! Also comment if you know of any more murals that aren’t included here.