To take care of our planet doesn’t need to be hard- it can be as simple as shopping! An easy way to help is by shifting your fashion focus to support brands that practice sustainable fashion. Below are brands that are making a positive impact by practicing environmental responsibility!

Eco-friendly activewear brands:


  • Patagonia:
    • Impact: sustainably sourced, organic, fair-trade, worn wear, and gives back
      • Best for: technical/high exertion sports and layering


  • New Balance:
    • Impact: Aims for no waste in fabric usage, limits restricted substances, and part of the sustainable apparel coalition (check out their current deals here)
      • Best for: athletic shoes and casual work-out gear

  • prAna:
    • Impact: materials made from sustainable sources such as: organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester, and responsible down
      • Best for: everyday clothing and work-out gear

  • Outdoor Voices:
    • Impact: manufacturing sustainable fabrics such as recycled polyester, and attention to decreased waste
      • Best for: casual work-out gear

  • Happy Earth Apparel:
    • Impact: raises awareness about environmental issues and donates half their profit to conservation organizations (plus you can use my code: kayley15 for 15% off at checkout)
      • Best for: everyday clothing and work-out wear

  • Yoga Democracy:
    • Impact: manufacturing fabrics from recycled fibers, made in-house, and has a low water-usage impact (plus you can use my code: Resourceful for 20% off)
      • Best for: fun design yet opaque yoga leggings and yoga gear

  • RumiX:
    •  Impact: incorporates recycled materials into fabrics in order to positively impact the environment
      • Best for: work-out gear

Now it’s your turn:

Today it’s more important than ever to be eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. I hope that you can use this resource as a way to easily begin incorporating sustainable fashion into your wardrobe. For my male readers these brands have a large selection for men too (despite most of the pictures only showing females)!

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If you know of any more brands making a positive impact on the environment please share in the comments below!

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