Here is another guide to cool murals -this time it’s Ojai murals! This town, though small, has tons of charm. If you are in need of that #ihavethisthingwithwalls post Ojai-edition then this is the guide for you!

Quick Ojai Info:

Ojai is the cutest little town! It’s known for it’s hippy atmosphere, 360 surrounding mountains, and overall beautiful sights. Recently it’s become quite the tourist destination. It’s gained so much attention that it’s often a popular prize on award shows.

The Wall Art:

  • First up is the Ojai Meadow Preserve mural. Location: intersection of E El Roblar Dr and S Lomita Ave. Part of the Meiners Oaks elementary school painted this mural.

  • Then there’s the Lion mural. Location: the side of Don Lalos Mexican Food. This one is very vibrant and pretty, and usually an easy spot for getting great pictures.

  • Nearby is the Martial Arts mural. Location: intersection of S Alvarado St and El Roblar. Another  mural of a mermaid riding a bicycle is across the street.

  • A personal favorite is Friends Packing House mural. Location: the front of Friend’s Ranches Inc. Just north of the Cozy Dell Trailhead. This one is a bit out of the way, but it’s surrounded by beautiful mountains.

  • Next there’s the Ojai mural. Location: the back side of the Summer Camp Shop on West Ojai Ave. Fun fact, this shop used to be a gas station.

  • Near downtown is the Storefront mural. Location: the parking lot at the intersection of E Matilija St and N Signal St. It’s a nice spot to walk around since there are tons of stores around here.

  • Finally we have the Downtown mural. Location: near the Ojai Valley Surplus and Discount close to Shady Ln. This spot seems to be a car repair shop. There are quite a few walls here painted to resemble Ojai’s downtown walkway.


I hope this list helps you enjoy your trip to Ojai even more! If you’ve been to Ojai and seen any of these murals let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below!