On Instagram the hashtag #ihavethisthingwithwalls has over 122,000 posts and it’s always growing. There are over ten accounts with that name (each with slight variations), and the most popular one has over 34K followers. Therefore, the point I’m trying to make here is that people.like.wall.art.

So this post is about sharing some insider knowledge on wall art in Oxnard. I definitely do not know all of them; this is going to be a pretty short list. But if you’re in the area then here are some cool walls to check out.

  • The above two pictures. Location: Silver Strand State Beach. Where Ocean Drive meets Sawtelle Ave. Sometimes you can drive here and somedays there’s a gate. I recommend parking on the street and then walking down the alleyway straight to the beach because alongside the fence is a whole bunch of artwork. This picture is simply one wall of many! It’s a great spot to check out.

  • In this same area is the Silver Strand Beach mural. Location: On Island View Ave in between the intersections of Oxnard Ave and Ventura Ave. You can park right across the street here and get all the pictures you’d like!

  • Then theres this super cute Cupcake Wall. Location: Missy’s Cupcake Creations. This is a cupcake store’s decor so you can get a bonus cupcake with your wall! In my opinion this whole area has cute walls but I think this one is the highlight.

  • The Fish Tile wall. Location: The Oxnard Collection Riverpark. This one is right next to the Gap Store. There are many murals here, just walk around the area and you will find plenty!

Like I said before, this list is not complete! If you find wall art that’s not listed here, feel free to share your experience plus the location in the comments below!