Today I got to tour San Francisco with my college roommate and best friend Corrina! She and her family surprised me by taking me on a trip around some of the best spots in SF. I got a much-needed break from the solitude of my solo-road trip, and for the first time in a week got to be a passenger in the car.

My experience:

I’ve been to SF before but have never visited the more “touristy spots” so I was stoked to see them this time. We drove down Lombard Street, the famously crooked street that has 8 hairpin turns. There were SO many people here: a line to drive down the street, crowds walking the stairs alongside the road, and multiple traffic officers controlling the area. On a Tuesday.

Then we went to Coit Tower, which is a monument that was built in 1933 with the money left by Lillie Hitchcock Coit. Lillie Coit was a wealthy socialite who loved the city so much that she dedicated a third of her will to adding beauty to the city.

Next we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge! It’s the most internationally recognizable symbol of San Francisco. There are a couple lookout spots on the north side of the bridge that we explored. I believe the area we visited is called Fort Baker. Karl the Fog was there of course.

It was so fun to be in SF and see the sights while catching up with a great friend! Thank you Corrina and family for making it so much fun!

Have you been to SF? What was your favorite sight? Let me know in the comments below!