Today was a tough day (aka a lot of driving). This post is going to be one of the shorter ones.

I went to the Redwoods National and State Parks today. This basically means that I drove the 101 all the way through the gorgeous trees. I was worried that after all the lush forests I’ve seen while traveling, the Redwoods wouldn’t be all that different, but trust- I was wrong. These trees are massive, beautiful, and so cool.

I have to say, I spent most of the day in my car. Driving is so exhausting. I did a tiny hike in my campsite, but didn’t stop for any of the more well known ones in the national park. The trees are everywhere though.

Random thoughts on the road:

I was thinking about my future again, plus I’ve been listening to some inspiring podcasts. I realized that I’m looking for this “perfect” career that’s going to fulfill my passions, my dreams, and make me so joyful… when really, the only thing that can accomplish that is Jesus. Its not a “what” question, it’s a “who” question. Jesus is the only one who can make me feel fulfilled and joyful. So I need to be asking the “who am I going to be” question rather than the “what am I going to do” question. I know I’ve heard this before, but it’s one thing to hear it and a whole other thing to believe it.

Where I’m camping tonight:

I’m camping in the Hidden Springs Campground within the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. It’s a cute little campground with 17,000 acres of ancient coast redwood and Douglas-fir trees.

What hike did you do in the Redwood National and State Parks area? Let me know in the comments below!