I’m in Yosemite!!! I love this place, I’ve come here every summer for basically the majority of my life. I was walking around today and felt so stupidly comfortable that I had this thought: “this is home” and I was like yeah! Typically I (like 90% of other Yosemite visitors) stick to the Yosemite Valley side of things. But I’ve been to Tuolumne meadows when I was about 10 or so and have no memory of it. So I thought it’s time to refresh my memory. Although, to be honest, nothing really came back today; I must’ve been too young. But here I am in Tuolumne meadows, after so long!

My experience:

Seeing as yesterday was exhausting (driving tires me out) I decided to take it easy my first day here. That way I can rest up and have some energy for my big hike tomorrow (which I’ll get to below). Once I arrived I did a short hike (1 mile total) to the Soda Springs. This is more of a stroll rather than a hike. Many people were taking this walk too, as it cuts across a beautiful meadow and quite a few streams. It starts near the Visitor’s Center, which is pretty small by the way, but still had this cool patch.

The Soda Springs can be seen from far away since they’re located all around this large lodge shelter, with the strongest ones inside of it. They’re called Soda Springs, because they’re a naturally carbonated spring. The sign doesn’t make it clear whether or not it’s a safe bet to drink from the springs, but I heard one brave (or dumb) person saying that it tasted like flat soda water.

This area has lots of connecting trails; I saw one sign pointing to the John Muir trail. There’s also Parson’s memorial Lodge, which was made in 1915 to honor a former co-campaigner of John Muir. This area is beautiful, so beautiful that I had to have my own little photoshoot. Check out my happy earth apparel shirt and leggings! New product alert- that’s right HEA leggings! Don’t forget that I still have a promo code to share with you to get 15% off all products: kayley15.

Where I’m camping tonight:

I am camping in Tuolumne meadows! I got a beautiful spot, but the driveway grade is severe… which means that I’m parked as close to the road as I can get so that I’m somewhat level, which is earning me some weird looks from drivers who pass by. Road trip mistake number two. Oh did I mention yet that I’m sleeping in my car? Yeah. I was getting tired so I decided to chill in my car, and then it started raining! So it’s a perfect excuse to be hiding from the outdoors. I feel like I’ve been eaten alive by all the bugs! My legs are getting bruises from them!

I feel safe having my own campsite and food locker and I’m excited to hike a new hike in Yosemite. I’m hiking to Cathedral Peak’s Upper Lake tomorrow! I am worried about my loneliness though. It’s not as bad as it was yesterday (I’m getting used to this solo-travel thing), but I’m worried that I wont be able to do this for a week. Once I get service I’ll feel better again. That’s both the beauty and curse of National Parks. I both love and hate that I am responsible for my own entertainment. When I’m getting up so early each day (6am this morn) there’s so much day! I just don’t know what to do with myself. I know I’m supposed to be thinking about the future and what I want from life, but it’s hard because I’m also so in the moment here. I feel like there’s never going to be a time to figure it out… I’m just going to have to start moving and hope that I’ll find my way eventually.

Have you been to Tuolumne Meadows? If so what was your experience like? Favorite hike there? Let me know in the comments below!