Maple Canyon is one of those lesser known and lesser traveled trails in San Diego. If you’re looking for a quick and peaceful walk in nature then this is the one for you! When I went last April I saw maybe two other people while here.



If you type in Maple Canyon into your GPS it will take you to the middle of the already short trail, so don’t do that. Instead navigate yourself to the intersection of Quince St and Third Ave, which is where the trailhead starts.



This is a very short trail, as it’s a mile out and back. I didn’t realize this the first time I came, and was confused when all of a sudden the trail ends, suddenly depositing you into a neighborhood. I thought I had lost the trail, but quickly realized it was the end. So when you visit make sure to explore off trails if you want to make it a longer experience.



The trail is a smooth dirt path that leads you through the short canyon. You pass under two bridges, that are named “historic” by the city of San Diego. One is the Quince Street trestle that was built in 1905 and the other is the First Avenue Bridge that was built in 1931. Warning, if you climb up on these bridges like Angelina and I did, beware of splinters! I got a handful here!



For me, the real highlight of this trail is the flower field just off the side of the trail. In the spring, this field is bursting with beautiful yellow, purple, white, and orange flowers that grow up to about six feet tall! Now you have to remember that I’m pretty tall, and these flowers were taller than me! I was having so much fun frolicking within these fields.



I couldn’t help but take a handful of lovely flowers home. #flowerchild