This spot, known as the Pirate, tower is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. It’s beautiful, it’s unique and it’s easy to get to.

This not so hidden gem is so easy to find!

  1. You’ll want to navigate to the Pirate Tower (or 2713 Victoria Dr, Laguna Beach) and park somewhere around here (warning: parking can be tricky).
  2. Find the stairway that’ll take you down to the ocean at the intersection of Victoria Drive and Sunset Terrace. If you’re having trouble finding this: it’s right across from the big red heart.
  3. At the bottom of the stairs, immediately follow the rocks to the right and keep going until you see the tower

Some tips:

  • Wear shoes that are better than flip flops: I saw so many people struggling on the rough rocks, so much so that one boyfriend had to piggyback his girlfriend all the way back. My Tevas were perfect.
  • Make sure to check that the tide is low enough, I used this site.
  • Prepare for crowds, and just be patient. Sunset is a popular time, but of course makes for beautiful photos.

A quick history of the tower:

Turns out the story is not as fantastic as it would seem. It was built in 1926 to a family that lived at the top of the cliff. It served to connect the top house to the beach below: a whimsical staircase. The property went through multiple owners until a retired naval captain bought it. He is said to have dressed up as a pirate and hidden candy and coins in the cracks of the tower, which is how it got its name.

Today the staircase is all locked up, but you can still peer inside the door that faces the mountainside.

Let me know if you’ve been here before! What did you think? Did you face the crowds or have the spot all to yourself?