Exciting news! I am now a brand ambassador for Happy Earth Apparel! I’m thrilled to be representing a brand that cares for the Earth and outdoor lifestyle!


Happy Earth Apparel is a clothing company dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and putting this awareness into action by giving half their profits to organizations committed to saving our planet! They currently support: OCEANA, Rainforest Alliance, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Earth Justice (as of Nov 2016).



Why am I stoked to be a Happy Earth ambassador? Well, I am a huge believer in the importance in protecting nature for all generations to enjoy! I hope that in partnering with Happy Earth Apparel, I will inspire others to respect and explore the world too. Basically, we share the same passions for living a life outside and valuing the environment.



How do you get to enjoy their products PLUS get a 15% discount: enter my code “resourcefulroamer” into the promo code box at checkout!


Go to their website here to check out their super cute and soft clothes.

Stoked to represent them and would love to see you wearing them too!