Though less popular than Zion National Park, this state park in Utah offers beautiful red rock landscapes and a surprising amount of hikes. While there, my mom and I did two short hikes.


Jenny’s Canyon was a half mile round trip hike which takes you to a slot canyon. This was really cool for us because earlier that day we had boated through Antelope Canyon, and last year we’d walked through lower Antelope Canyon, so to see another one was fun. We came at a hot time of day, around 2pm so not many people were there, which worked in our favor once we reached the canyon and had it all to ourselves.


Then we did the Lava tube hike which takes you through a lava field to two lava tubes. This one is 2 miles round trip and doesn’t offer any shade, except for of course if you go into the lava tube.


We ran into some locals that told us how usually they come out there with glow in the dark goo and throw it on the lava tube walls once they’re down there.


Anyway this park is worth a visit!