I first saw this place through World of Wonderlust’s Instagram page, which is run by a famous travel blogger named Brooke Saward. Once I knew that this place existed, I kept seeing it through other well know travelers that I follow on various social media platforms.


Ever since I saw this place I knew I would eventually visit it. It’s a really cool unique bend of Lake Powell that makes for great photo opportunities and unique views.


IMG_4935It was really cool for me to be there, knowing that so many inspiring travelers and adventurers have been there. I found the spot where Brooke Saward sat (yeah, I’m a little obsessed) and it was just a cool moment to know that I’ve been where these inspiring people have.


I walked around the edge here (which you need to be super cautious doing because there are no fences and the canyon walls are thin with steep drop offs) and took it all in. The pictures really don’t do this place justice, there is so much to see with your eyes alone.


I made sure to sit without the camera and take everything in with my eyes. It was really cool because I remembered that that’s part of the reason why I love traveling so much: to see with my own eyes the places I’ve only ever seen through pictures.


I hope you get to see this place with your own eyes one day too.