This is a must visit spot in Northern Arizona. It’s a walkable slot canyon that was formed by wind and water and is beautiful beyond belief. I last visited it during my Spring break of 2015.


I went and visited the Lower Antelope Canyon and was blown away. The land is on Native American territory so it is required that a Native American tour guide lead you through the canyon. My tour guide was awesome (I wish I could remember his name but it was over a year ago) and he told us how he grew up playing in the canyon and still spends a lot of time there today both working and doing photography.



The tour was longer than I expected, you cover a lot of ground but its level walking with a few staircases. So many beautiful twists and turns of the canyon create amazing photo opportunities. Plus, you will see many incredible natural formed shapes such as these: twin arrows  (above), lady with wind blown hair (below), an Indian chief (further below).



I believe the prices have gone up since last year, now up to $58 but if you’re in the area and have never seen this place, it’s worth it. I loved it.


This year we went back, but instead of doing a walking tour we took a boat tour of the canyon! We went to Antelope Point Marina to take an hour tour for $28 dollars. It was a fun ride on a houseboat that offered a different, but still amazing, perspective of Antelope Canyon.