This little trail lets you walk along the canyon floor and pass through the hoodoos.


It starts at Sunset point and is a 1.3 mile round trip loop (but it can also connect you to others trails if you want to go further) that lets you choose two ways to go down. Now I went to the right because it looked steeper than the left and I didn’t want to walk up it, but then coming back up the left side later was no cake walk either so honestly I don’t know which way is the better one.


This hike can get hot during the day, we went at around 2pm and coming back up was directly in the sun which only made the incline harder. But it was cool to walk through the canyon walls and see the hoodoos from a new angle.


Warning though: this trail is popular which means its super crowded! I don’t know how many people stopped right in the middle of the trail to take a picture or take a break. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame them for stopping to take a picture or break, but it’s common courtesy to move to the side of the trail when doing so that way the crowd behind you doesn’t accidentally run you over. Just common trail sense.


Anyway it’s a fun and quick trail that lets you experience the hoodoos in a new perspective!