Spring break road trips seem to be a thing in my family. Last year we did a road trip through Arizona to Utah. This year my mom and I went from Ventura to Cambria, to Santa Cruz, to Big Sur and back. Basically we decided to drive along the coast, spending a good about of miles on the beautiful Pacific Highway 1.


First Stop: Heart Castle


Hearst Castle (Otherwise known as the castle on the hill, or San Simeon) blew me away. It exceeded my expectations, and was actually quite well preserved and authentic. My mom and I did the Uppers Tour, which is the tour that takes you through the upper rooms of the mansion, which besides multiple bedrooms includes the library, Hearst’s own bedroom, and Hearst’s office (pictured below).


It was all stunning and the tour guide did a great job of helping us to imagine what it would be like if we were Hearst’s guests while he lived.


After the hour tour inside the mansion, they let you roam the gardens and pools by yourself, which provided ample beautiful photoshoot backdrops. I saw some people so dressed up that it seems they just came to take gorgeous photos rather than take in the gorgeous house, but I did a little of both so who am I to judge.



I was sad to leave Hearst Caste, but the next stop was calling my name… to see the Elephant Seals and walk along the Moonstone beach of Cambria!