So after visiting the beautiful Hearst Castle, we were on our way to see the elephant seals!


So I think I have a new favorite animal in these cuties. I know, I know they may not seem like anything special, but once you go and watch them- it’s hilarious. They were mostly resting, just digging themselves holes in the sand to lay in and then using their paws to flip up sand onto their back (which was pretty hilarious to watch since they usually ended up throwing the sand onto the other seals around them rather than covering themselves).


Okay, now you know I’m a crazy seal lady. After we left these cuties, we went back to our sweet hotel in Cambria, which was right next to Moonstone beach. We took a walk along the wooden path and found a way down to the shore. It was a bit rainy on our visit, but still beautiful and we found many pieces of jade along the way.


As a newly 21 year old, I then went wine tasting! There are many little wine tasting shops around Cambria.



It was a great stay in Cambria but we were off to see the Winchester Mystery House and Santa Cruz Boardwalk!