These are my people. I felt that the people you’ve been seeing in my post’s pictures deserved a special shout-out. I am blessed with family and friends who join me on my adventures. These memories would be nothing without them. Let me introduce you to my family and friends!


Kathy: my mom! She is a beast. Seriously, her love for exercise has shaped my love for getting outside and experiencing the world. She loves hiking and traveling and inspires me always.



Trevor: my older brother! He loves getting outside as much (if not more) than I do. It was just how we were raised. He finds joy in anything athletic and outdoors: climbing, camping, hiking, biking, you name it. Instagram: trevorhcox



Corrina: the best roomie a girl could ever ask for! This warm hearted beauty is always ready to join me on hike adventures. She has such a positive outlook on life and is always bringing a smile to my face. Instagram: corrinaseeley



C.J.: he and I go way back to the high school days (that makes me sound old) and he joins me on many hikes and hangouts. He’s a bundle of laughs and weirdness that draws out my weird side too. Instagram: cj_mountan



Paige: We grew up together (swimming, dancing, hiking) in Ojai, so that’s typically where we find ourselves adventuring. We are so similar yet so different so that’s why we call each other our better halves. Instagram: paigeysmall



Cheyenne: She is a wilderness babe who loves spending time outdoors. She’s my flower picking and hike loving friend. She also has an amazing eye for photography, and she has taken many of the pictures of me on here. Instagram: cheyenne_cox



Angelina: She is an outdoor enthusiast. Loves hike days and beach days. She also loves running and has already run two half marathons. Instagram: angelinachek

(Can’t wait to introduce you to more people as they join in on the adventures)