Iron Mountain is a popular hike here in San Diego. You will see many people as you head up and down the mountain.


Its a beautiful area, with boulder speckled mountains. Its basically right behind the other very famous hike here, the Mount Woodson trail to Potato Chip rock.


In my opinion, it isn’t as tough as the hike to Potato Chip. This is due to many flat portions spread out between the uphill climb. Also there are switchbacks here to help manage the incline. It was challenging at times though, but that just gives you the great feeling of accomplishment.


The view was so beautiful! You can see a dam, and the ocean, and many other San Diego sights.


Some details are that it took about an hour and a half to get up (including breaks) and an hour to get down. It is 5.3 miles round trip. Not much shade on this trail either, so be sure to bring water.